January 4, 2021

Dear Friends of Meals With A Mission:

It is with a heavy heart we announce that Meals With A Mission will terminate its operation effective January 4, 2021.  The reality of COVID-19 has hit home, and we are no longer able to fulfill our mission of “Catering to the Needs of Others” through the preparation of meals at our Garfield facility.   

In mid-March, COVID-19 mandates required that we suspend cooking at our kitchen. We modified our operation to become a distribution center for the rest of the year and provided fresh and frozen foods and non-perishable staples to nearby communities and agencies that remained open.  Despite operating challenges, MWAM provided a total of 142,299 meals for the 2020 calendar year.  In comparison, we distributed 259,263 meals from our fully operating kitchen in 2019.

Distribution is not our mission, but this plan was to be a short-term measure until such time as we could bring our volunteers back to cook in a safe environment.   It is now clear that the timeframe of this crisis is unpredictable. To continue to function as a distribution center, while committed to the overhead expense of a facility we are not fully utilizing, is not financially viable.  Fundraising events were cancelled for 2020, and we significantly curtailed other funding efforts because of the uncertainty of our organization’s future. Another major issue is that current circumstances have critically impacted the donated food products available to us for meal preparation.

We thank our extraordinary volunteers and generous donors for being a part of our Meals With A Mission family.  Your dedication and loyal support have been the lifeblood of our mission. You have partnered with us to provide a total of 1,374,758 meals since our founding in 2010.

While the Board’s decision was a difficult one in these challenging times, you should take pride in having fed thousands of our food-insecure neighbors in northern New Jersey and in all we have accomplished together over the last ten years. 


Board of Directors
Meals With A Mission